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Coronavirus Measures 


As news is developing daily, HAVEN recognizes that we are all under exigent circumstances. The Governor of the State of Connecticut has declared a public health emergency throughout the State. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has advised people to take precautions in light of the coronavirus outbreak and has noted that the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus. Therefore, HAVEN is considering precautionary measures. 


HAVEN professionals who are required to attend anonymous support group meetings may attend online meetings in lieu of in-person meetings indefinitely to lessen exposure to other individuals. (, or Please send verification of attendance. Please note: HAVEN will accept any in-person meetings that have transitioned to Zoom or another video-based platform, in addition to the above online options. Please document these meetings as you would in-person meetings.

Quarterly meetings or other meetings typically held at the HAVEN office will be conducted by telephone. 


Intakes or meetings to discuss urgent issues (with urgency as determined by HAVEN) will continue to be conducted at HAVEN unless the participant has tested positive for the flu or coronavirus; has been exposed to the virus; is showing symptoms of viral illness or has been asked to self-isolate or self-quarantine; has traveled outside of the country; or resides or works in an area that is under government directed quarantine. 


Meetings scheduled at the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health will go forward under the same conditions as urgent meetings described above, unless the Department of Public Health issues a different directive. 


If a participant is practicing medicine or healthcare, random urine drug testing continues to be required. Random drug testing may be excused if you have refrained from practice and are not working in healthcare. If you are vulnerable to complications from the coronavirus and elect to not random urine drug test, you are also required to refrain from practice. Similarly, if you have tested positive for the coronavirus, you have been exposed to the virus, or have symptoms of viral illness, we will excuse random drug testing with verification that you have also requested to refrain from practice and are not going to work. Please note additional testing such as hair or nail tests may be required before return to practice is approved. 


If you have additional questions or concerns, please call HAVEN and we will work with you to determine if additional precautions may be appropriate. 


As more information becomes available, these measures may be subject to change. 


Please use your best judgment to manage your health and wellness.

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